Discover the city with Montréal’s urban sherpas



What kind of a city do we live in, and what kind of a city do we want it to be?  What decisions have shaped the urban landscape as we know it?  What does social inequality look like in Montreal?  Who lives here, and who is allowed to belong here?

 Montréal Explorations is a non-profit educational organization whose founders have been exploring these issues through conferences and guided tours for many years.  Montreal Explorations speakers and guides are available to help Montrealers deepen their knowledge of their city and to help visitors discover the city as it is experienced by people who live here.  History and architecture, environmental and economic issues, urban development and urban destruction, inequality and resistance are all part of the story.  There are other kinds of questions, too. Have you ever wondered why Montreal row housing features outdoor staircases, if it’s true that Mount Royal is an extinct volcano, or where Mile End got its name?  Our lively, knowledgeable guides can tell you all of these things as they discuss the city’s past and present.

For more information on Montréal Explorations tours and activities in English, contact Catherine Browne at catherinebrowne@montrealexplorations.org.